The Process

Safe in the knowledge you are supported with whatever you need.

The Process

Safe in the knowledge you are supported with whatever you need.

After an initial assessment session, we will design a bespoke process to meet your personal and professional needs. The assessment session needs a real focus as the area of the work we need to focus on will emerge itself, it will come to the surface naturally.

The Therapy Coach will meet you at your place of need. You may want to focus on counselling, personal development, coaching, leadership, or consultancy. Of course, you may not have any personal issues, or personal development issues, that you need to work on. You might only want to work on coaching, and that’s fine. We will work on the things that will make a difference to you!

The Process – Always offering support!

The program can then be arranged into a block of work around 3 to 12 sessions. When we complete the process, we are still there for you. We will always offer you support, and you can use it whatever way you see fit.

You may want to discuss an issue, focus on a piece of work, or just enjoy having a safe place to release emotion and perhaps find a perspective that may help you to find a better way forward.

Understanding the challenges of a leader

As the Managing Director of my own counselling and coaching consultancy, I understand the challenges of the leader and the issues you need to deal with. I have often sought help to keep myself and my business on track and have surrounded myself with people who can offer me support.

We also have Associate Therapy Coaches who bring a wealth of experience to support your needs.

Working with us gives you the space to focus on you, your organisation and the challenges and ideas you have for growth and development. We can also assist you to implement changes and develop your vision for the future.

You can contact us on 0141 353 9373 or by using the form on our contact page.

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