Great leaders ask for help to keep themselves safe, grounded, and centred.


High-stress levels can be caused by a variety of life situations including work pressure, difficult relationships, financial difficulties, a loss, or bereavement. Long term exposure to stress can lead to serious physical, as well as mental, health problems.  Inability to sleep, increased alcohol intake and anger outbursts are all early symptoms which can alienate the stressed person from those around them and add to the problem.  When stress and your reaction to it are dominating your life and there is no chance to switch off, it is time to seek help. I will work with you to identify your triggers, rationalise your negative thoughts, find resources to deal with stressful events and overwhelming feelings and develop compassion for yourself, build your self-awareness and self-confidence which enables you to face the challenges ahead. I will offer you an empathic support system in a confidential non-judgemental environment to enable you to gain relief so you can get on with your life.


Company Directors, Chief Executives and other high-powered businesspeople are often almost paralysed by stress. Increased workload, extremely long work hours and intense pressure to perform at peak levels, along with excessive travel and too much time away from family, contribute to stress levels. Talking about your business, how it impacts you personally and emotionally can help you get back on track and release your potential for personal and professional growth. 


Workplace stress is a serious employment issue. It can be a cause of despair and can limit you or your employees from realising your full potential. Relationships at work, organisational set-ups, change and work patterns can all play a part. If we need to please others or to be perfect, we may be susceptible to stress, and unable to protect ourselves in the face of deadlines. Talking about your challenges, learning assertiveness skills, how to prioritise and delegate and how to manage time are all useful for managing work-related stress, helping towards a more fulfilling career.

Difficult Relationships in the Workplace

Dealing with difficult people can contribute to your stress levels. Employees who frustrate you and clients who abuse you are factors we face in our working life. Learning how to deal with difficult people can counteract these stressful situations. How you communicate with difficult people is the key to changing their behaviour towards you. Learning the cycle of respect would be useful for you to implement.

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    “Stress, worry and anxiety simply come from projecting your thoughts into the future and imagining something bad. Stay focussed on now.”
    “People with great passion can make the impossible happen.”
    “You don’t have to control your thoughts, you just have to stop letting them control you.”