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We all need someone to talk to who is non-judgemental, listening, and honest in their responses. If you are in a senior position in your organisation or own your organisation, there are very few people you can speak to who will only focus on you.

When you talk to family members, they can only grasp a certain amount and generally want you to detach from work when you are at home. If you talk to a business associate, they will often end up talking about themselves. This can leave you feeling frustrated. Working with me gives you the space to focus on you, your organisation and the challenges and ideas you have for growth and development and assist you to implement changes and develop your vision for the future.

During my years as a couple counsellor, I have worked with countless couples and helped them to reconnect. I have also helped individual clients to resolve issues from the past using an integrative approach to counselling which mean my training has covered different models of counselling.

Quite often whilst working with people who owned their own company, family business or in positions such as managing director, CEO, and senior management, they would often find that when the counselling part of the work was complete and resolved the process naturally took us to further work in personal development, coaching and sometimes consultancy.

I could feel that the 20 years I had spent in corporate companies prior to counselling, and building my own business, has enabled me to go beyond just counselling.

Sometimes clients presented for counselling and what they needed from me was a coaching approach. Conversely, I found clients presented for coaching and so needed counselling first to resolve the issues from the past that were holding them back to allow them to truly embrace the wonder of coaching.

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Great leaders ask for help to keep themselves safe, grounded, and centred.




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Sometimes clients present for counselling and what they needed from me is a coaching approach. Conversely, I found clients presented for coaching and so needed counselling first to resolve the issues from the past that were holding them back to allow them to truly embrace the wonder of coaching. When these issues have been resolved our attention then focuses on personal development, building self-esteem, confidence, and learning the art of assertiveness. I feel this part of the process also helped leaders in mentoring staff and resolving conflicts between individuals and departments. Another aspect of the work is to look at how to manage stress as it often wears a disguise and creeps up on you. I also can help you to recruit the right staff to support your needs and ensure they are the right fit for you personally.

Of course, you may not need any of the above work and just want to move directly to coaching which is in its own right a very powerful process to enable you to grow personally and professionally by making your dreams and aspiration achievable by setting goals and following a structure that means you learn how to achieve them and also gives you the tool kit to ensure you can apply the process at any point and in many cases pass on your training and experience to your staff and therefore you are all working towards shared goals for the company.

“Florence has been an excellent ‘sounding board’ to explore my inner-self in a positive, constructive manner. She has helped me face personal and business issues that I was ignoring. I feel the real benefit of our time together. Through talking to Florence, she has helped me develop into a more emotionally secure and naturally confident person. In essence, I have become the person I always wanted to be.”

Company Managing Director

“Florence meets you at your point of need and is extremely adept at getting to the route of the issues and prioritising the management of these matters. She is very approachable, effective and has the knowledge and a skill set that deals with the spectrum of both work and personal performance. She does all of this in a non-threatening, non-pretentious and oftentimes lively, humorous manner.”


“It has been a fantastic experience working with Florence. My life, both professionally and personally, has transformed through her powerful coaching. She is my ‘life coach’ and has a superb ability to guide you to solutions in your everyday experiences. Florence helped me understand the importance of valuing myself. The results in my work and relationships have been quite amazing. I continue to enjoy my own self-development, whilst working with her. She has helped add a new dimension to my own golf coaching, the power of psychology. This has allowed me to successfully influence my clientele.”