A fresh pair of eyes see far more from the outside looking in.

Personal Consultancy

At times you may feel it would be useful to have someone out with the organisation to talk to confidentially about your personal and professional challenges and the challenges within your organisation. I offer a safe place where I will be actively listening as you explore and express your true feelings and frustrations without restriction or judgement, I will always remain impartial, empathic, non-judgemental, and congruent in my approach. I will be totally honest with you and always offer honest feedback.  as I have no dependency or emotional attachment.

Relationship Consultancy

A fresh pair of eyes sees far more from the outside looking in. My aim and objective

Is to help you improve the dynamics of the working relationships within your organisation, between members of the management team and staff. An organisation should run like a family, where each member has a clearly defined role and responsibility, respect, boundaries, and a feeling of being valued. This, in turn, encourages motivation and leads to increased productivity and profitability. A low turnover of staff allows meaningful training to occur on a regular basis and ensures recruitment costs are kept to a minimum.

Management Consultancy

We will look at the effectiveness of your management team and your ability to organise, delegate and measure accountability. When leading an organisation or managing people, there generally is little opportunity to receive effective feedback in which to evaluate you own effectiveness. How you interact with your management team is vitally important to your personal effectiveness. It is paramount that your management team are dependable, nourishing, capable, honest, and reliable, which will give you space and peace of mind to enjoy the other aspects of your life. If you feel you need to develop your core business support system, I will look at your team and assess their effectiveness. It may be that you need to recruit new managers to ensure you have the right mix of people to support you or design a training program to enable staff to grow and develop and offer you support.


The wrong hiring decision can be immensely expensive for an organization. In order to run a successful business, a robust recruitment policy is vital. I offer help and assistance in recruiting staff through profiling, psychometric testing, interviewing techniques and structuring a solid professional interview process which grades interviewees using a set criteria and performance indicators. This process is meant to not only evaluate the candidate but also evaluate how the candidate will fit into the organisation.

I will join you and your interviewing panel on the second interview I would ask the candidate to prepare and deliver a fifteen-minute presentation. The candidates by now will know you like them and that they are in the running for landing the position. As the candidate moves to this stage, they will become more relaxed which will reflect a different side of their personality and character. The interview should last one hour with 30 minutes scheduled time afterwards for a discussion around.

the competencies needed for the role and assessment of the shortlisted candidate’s performance criteria, experience, skills and knowledge and a decision on who you are matching to the job.

Managing conflict

Unpleasant, negative feelings emerge in response to situations of conflict. When people are in conflict it is not only destructive for them personally, but also unpleasant for others around them. Some of the time conflict can arise between members of staff or even departments. If you decide to manage the conflict yourself or you delegate, it to a member of your team get it sorted quickly.  if it is not addressed quickly the conflict can become bigger than it needs to be. I will assist you or you delegated representative   and work alongside either of you over four coaching sessions using a combination of organisational psychology, counselling, and coaching. During this process I will assist in getting the conflict under control and ensure the outcome is amicable and an agreed plan of action moving forward has the agreement of all parties involved. This is specialised work and well worthwhile learning how to deal with conflict sooner rather than later.

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Personal Consultancy
Relationship consultancy
Management Consultancy
Managing Conflict

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