We all need someone to talk to who is non-judgemental, who really listens to your issues and is honest in their responses. If you are in a senior position in your organisation or own your organisation, there are very few people you can speak to who will solely focus on you. When you talk to family members they can only grasp a certain amount and generally want you to detach from work when you are at home. If you talk to a business associate they will often end up talking about themselves. This can leave you feeling frustrated. When you are in a high powered position there is seldom a chance to measure your own effectiveness and receive effective feedback. Working with Florence, the Therapy Coach, will bring a greater understanding of your professional and personal challenges.

About The Therapy Coach (Florence Gray)

Florence Gray, our Managing Director and Therapy Coach, brings you a unique service that combines counselling, personal development and coaching. Florence will give you time and space to focus on you, your organisation, and the challenges and ideas you have for growth and development. She will also assist you to implement changes and develop your vision for the future, both personally and professionally.

Florence has a proven track record working with blue-chip companies. Some of the industries she has worked in include plant hire, construction, engineering, shipping, finance, social care, insurance, design, media, fast food retail, children’s homes, and housing associations. 

Nightingale Counselling maintains a strict policy of confidentiality with all our clients. We never disclose the companies we work with.

I originally trained in couple counselling during 1999 with Glasgow Marriage Counselling Service, the sister company of RELATE. I found my vocation and remain passionate about the changes I help to facilitate with my clients in counselling. 

Prior to counselling, I had a long and successful career working in Glasgow and London, in a variety of roles in large corporate organisations, both as an internal and external consultant. During this time, I gained invaluable experience in coaching, mentoring, training, NLP, consultancy, and business development. Inevitably, in 2007, I decided to build a counselling organisation

I am so pleased to be able to combine my skillset with 20 years as a couple counsellor working with relationships, and personal development around self esteem, confidence and assertiveness, and the previous 20 years in the corporate world. This is what makes this service so unique. I am sure you will benefit from my experience in both these camps and I will be a great support for you. I have always really enjoyed working with leaders and I know how beneficial people will find this service. 

Together we will take you to a place of personal and professional growth to nourish you as you emerge as an even stronger leader.

Florence Gray
The Therapy Coach

Your challenges in counselling may include:

  • Personal issues
  • Professional issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Anger management
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Conflict resolution
  • Addictions
  • Depression/ Low mood
  • Anxiety/ Panic attack 

Personal Development

  • Self esteem and how to improve it
  • Building confidence
  • Learning the art of Assertiveness 
  • Stress control
  • Work life balance


  • Working out what you need to be doing to move forward
  • What are your plans for the future of the organisation
  • Look at your teams effectiveness roles and responsibilities
  • Examine all the important areas in your role which one are good and which one need work
  • Setting clearly defined goals and applying the format for achievement
  • Committing a plan of action to the diary

The first session would determine the nature of the work and what areas you would want to focus on and we will then build our plan of action to support you in whatever area you need. 

Give us a call on 0808 175 0229 or via our Contact page and get some uplifting support for you. Take the time to invest in yourself and reap the rewards.